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cPanel’s time-saving automations make repetitive admin work nearly nonexistent — meaning you can spend more time doing what you do best: building your business, not wasting time doing common tasks.
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24/7/365 expert support

Our customer service agents are specially trained in cPanel hosting.

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Guaranteed 99.9% uptime

Fast hosting is one thing. Reliable hosting is another. Thankfully, cPanel hosting is both.

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Industry load times

We regularly test our hosting speed against other top hosting companies.

Plans & Pricing


Basic resources for starter sites.
$ 2
  • 1 website
  • 30 GB storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth*


More space and flexibility for multiple sites.
$ 7
  • 1 website
  • 100 GB storage
  • 100 email accounts**
  • Unmetered bandwidth*
  • 10 MySQL databases (1 GB ea.)


More power for sites with heavy traffic
$ 10
  • Unlimited website
  • Unlimited storage
  • 500 email accounts**
  • Unmetered bandwidth*
  • 25 MySQL databases (1 GB ea.)


Supports multiple complex sites
$ 16
  • Unlimited website
  • Unlimited storage
  • 1000 email accounts**
  • Unmetered bandwidth*
  • Unlimited MySQL databases (1 GB ea.)

All plans include

  • 1-click install of 125+ free applications. (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.)


  • 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection
  • 1-click purchase of additional resources (CPU, RAM, I/O, etc.)


  • 1-click setup for Hoster Buddy registered domains
  • Flexible, easy-to-use control panel


  • 1 GB database storage (MySQL Linux)

Get online in under an hour

Each Linux plan includes:

Access all the hosting features and settings you need with this industry-standard control panel.

Keep your site online with truly balanced CPU, RAM and Disk IO limits

Resources on-demand
Get more CPU, RAM, EntryProcesses and I/O with just a click.

Cage FS
Protect your content 24/7 with this virtualized file system.

Free applications
Install over 125 applications on your website with just a click.

Cpanel Buddy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cPanel for hosting?

cPanel is a web hosting control panel that gives a web hosting customer/owner a user interface that is intended to help make managing their piece of a shared server and their website easier.

Do I need cPanel for managing a website?

You’re better off if you do. Although cPanel is one of several options for managing a website, its ease of use makes cPanel is an industry-leading control panel. It allows users to create websites using a variety of content management systems (CMS) including WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla.

Is cPanel hosting available with a WordPress website?

cPanel and WordPress serve two different functions, yet they are compatible with each other; cPanel is a control panel that provides a simpler way for web hosting users to manage their piece of a shared server. WordPress is a website or blog-building application that can be downloaded and installed onto your server by using cPanel.

Does cPanelBuddy charge extra for a web hosting control panel?

Nope. All cPanelBuddy  web hosting plans include the control panel at no extra charge.

What is the difference between cPanel’s powerful tools and Hosting?

Hosting is a term that refers to a user’s access to space on a server. cPanel is a control panel that give that user an interface to put their server space to work doing things like creating a website or housing files and data.

Is cPanel open source?

No. However, you may use cPanel to access and install over 100 applications, install different types of software, CMS, shopping platform or WordPress (which is open source).cPanelBuddy

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cPanel is a web hosting control panel developed by cPanel, L.L.C.